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Our Bags:

All of the bags on our site are 7 star quality. This is also known as the "mirror image" replica. The absolute top grade in Louis Vuitton replica handbags. Our bags are 98%-100% like the authentic ones. They are better quality than AAA, AA, and A.

7 Star quality means that all our bags have embossed date codes (serial numbers), heavy flannel dustbags with nicely printed LV logo, treated genuine oxidizing cowhide leather that will darken into a darker honey color over time, real brass hardware, correct LV embossed hardware and correct LV markings or creeds. They have correct interior with the correct lining as the authentic (aclantra leather in the murakami). Even the threads have the same weight, the same tight stitching and color as the original. All of our Murakami bags have 33 different colors, with no 2 of the same colors touching (just like the originals). The handles and straps are made from real leather, all come w/ lock and keys when appropriate and LV metal stamp on every piece of hardware. Inside, all of them have "LV Made in France". A lot of detail goes into making a 7 star quality Louis Vuitton replica. That is why they are rare and very hard to find. We recommend these bags to customers who would like to save some money, but still like to ride the best trends in fashion.

Our bags require an LV expert to distiguish them from the authentic ones. Even some experts can't tell the difference.

We sell lots for your House Parties!
If you are interested in hosting a Louis Vuitton House Party, please feel free to contact us. We do require two weeks notice to ensure that we have the particular bags you are interested in. Contact us for more info at wholesale@bagsnstyle.com